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6 Week Series: Ballet 101

$80Purchase required to enroll

Ballet is for all ages and has many positive benefits to fitness such as enhancing posture, balance, coordination, and benefits to the brain such as learning combinations and training musicality!

Ballet 101 is a 6 weeks beginners course where adult students will learn the basics of ballet dance. Class will begin with barre work, where students will learn basic exercises and also will work on core strength, balance, and flexibility. Then, students will practice combinations using these movements across the floor, and conclude class with learning simple choreography setting these movements to music. At the end of 6 weeks, students can expect to learn some basic fundamentals of ballet dance, perform some ballet movements without the barre such as a pirouette or jete leap, and learn a full dance to a 3 minute piece of music. This class is intended for beginners and no prior experience with ballet dance is completely acceptable.

Use coupon code "BALLET101" for $5 off the series price until April 30th. Any questions? Comment below, we are happy to help!

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