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$18 per classFrom $8 per visit with Teen Yoga/Barre/Dance passNo purchase required to enroll Show full pricing
Single-visit price $18
Single Class (Yoga, Barre, Ballet, Bounce) $18 • 1 visit • Good for one class
Teen Yoga/Barre/Dance $50 • 5 visits • For use by teenagers age 13-17 in any regularly scheduled barre, yoga, or dance class.
Teen Yoga/Barre/Dance $80 • 10 visits • Class pack for use in any regularly scheduled yoga, barre, or dance class for teens age 13-17.
20 Class Pack (Yoga, Barre, Ballet) $299 • 20 visits • This pass is available to use for any barre and dance fit/adult ballet class. This pass is not valid for use in any yoga classes, specialty classes, or workshops.
30 Class YOGA Family Punchcard $390 • 30 visits • Get a pass for the family! 30 classes for $325
Travelers Pass (Yoga, Barre, Ballet) $40 • Unlimited visits for 1 week • For out of town friends/family to come unlimited for a week to all yoga, barre, & ballet on the schedule. Does not include special events or workshops.
New Student Special (Yoga, Barre, Ballet) $60 • Unlimited visits for 1 month • This plan is for use for new clients only for 30 days unlimited visits to any yoga, barre, or adult dance classes. This plan is not valid for any series, workshops, or special events.
Warrior 1 One Year Membership (5 Classes Monthly) $65 every month • 5 visits per Month • Autopay plan, 5 classes per month, $65 per month, 1 year contract.
Monthly Unlimited Auto Draft Membership YOGA ONLY $79 every month • Unlimited visits • Unlimited yoga classes. Come as often as you want to our regularly scheduled classes.

Warrior 2 One Year Membership (10 classes monthly) $99 every month • 10 visits per Month •

1 year autopay membership, 10 classes per month, $99 per month.

Warrior 3 One Year Membership (Unlimited Classes Monthly) $117 every month • Unlimited visits • One year autopay plan, $117 monthly, unlimited classes + perks
One Month Unlimited Mixed Membership (Month to Month) $149 • Unlimited visits for 1 month • Unlimited access to all regularly scheduled classes including yoga, barre, and adult ballet.
Duo Auto Draft MIXED Membership $175 every month • Unlimited visits • Class is always more fun for two! Unlimited visits for all regularly scheduled yoga, barre, and adult dance for 2 people (couples, family members, etc.).
PREPAID Unlimited Membership $1,080 • Unlimited visits for 12 months • Unlimited visits for yoga, barre, and ballet for 1 year. Not applicable for series, special events or workshops. Schedule is subject to change at any time. Non refundable or transferable.

Power Flow Yoga relies on synchronized breathing with each movement to produce beautiful, flowing patterns of motion and energy. Power flow builds internal heat with a foundation in Sun Salutations. It's vigorous and revitalizing yet calming near the end of the practice. This practice builds strength, stability, endurance and flexibility. Step on your mat to balance your body, mind and soul.